About Marissa

Hi there friend! My name is Marissa Marshall and welcome to my website Internet Marketing Mentor. I am so glad you have stopped by to check out my website. I love writing content and learning new ways to grow my online business. My goal is to build a thriving business and share my journey with you in the hopes that you can follow in my foot steps.

A Little About Me…

I am happily married to my husband Paul and I have three wonderful children. I am a high school science and biology teacher and I love helping my students learn the complex systems of the body or the evolution of life or the fascinating microscopic creatures that are all around us. I take pride in teaching my students about these concepts and giving them the skills they will need for their post secondary pathways.

My Passion…

As a student, I had a thirst for knowledge and loved learning new concepts and skills and my love of learning only continues to grow. As a child I remember loving to create stories and write about my experiences and I thought that starting a blog might be a great creative outlet for me. In addition, blogging would give my an opportunity to learn new concepts and skills that I could share with others.

My Struggles…

I have spent the last 3 years turning to the internet to learn about blogging, content marketing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. My first attempt was to selling products to both family and friends and have people join my team. To be honest, I hated asking my family and friends to join my next venture because I felt like I had to “sell” them on a product, concept or idea that they were not passionate about.

Once I ran out of friends and family to turn to I began searching online for ways to promote my product. There was a vast amount of information and systems out there and for an inexperienced marketer. I often found myself so overwhelmed and I felt like I was being pulled into different directions. I bounced around from one system to the next with the hopes that I had found the “right way” to promote my product. After a lot of frustration and too much money wasted, I gave up on selling my product online altogether.

My Goals…

I decided that my focus needed to change and I was no longer going to concentrate my efforts on making money online but rather do what I love to do most….teach others what I have learned about internet marketing. My hope is to “pay it forward” by sharing what I have learned about blogging and building an online business so that you too can turn your passion into a success. I want to build a community of like-minded business owners that strive to build each other up and help one another reach their goals.

What You Can Expect When You Come To Visit…

The Internet Marketing Mentor is a leading resource website that will provide you with the skills, tools and strategies to build your online business. You will find tutorials, strategies, articles, product reviews and tools that you can use right away so that you can build your business. My goal is to help you develop the skills to build content, grow your audience and eventually profit from your website. If you are committed to learning, being consistent and working hard then surely success can be yours!

As your friend, I look forward to walking along with you to build your online business. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

All the best,

Marissa Marshall




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